Happy New Year! 
Make 2016 the year you finally 
have a place of your own
	It's a happy thought. There it is by itself with no need to analyze it anymore.  You've made the decision. You can do it. Now just sit back in the glow of it.
	Economists will give you a dozen reasons why you should do it right now. And other economists are full of advice on why you should wait another year or two. The pros and cons are everywhere, but they don't matter now. What does: you've made a decision, now can go for it!
	Sure, it won't happen overnight. First you will consider, as you have many times before, what type of home you visualize. What size it should be, what features it should have, and what your price range will be. 
	That's all part of the happy thought, but at that point, a real estate agent will be a big help to you. He or she is an expert on what type of neighborhood will please you and what homes in your price range (or a little above) are available. Yes, you can consider homes that are priced somewhat above what you plan to pay because there's always room for negotiation. 
	Your agent will know which sellers would be willing to make some sort of deal. Some sellers need to move because their job is sending them to anther city or state.  They want to move soon so they won't be making mortgage payments on two homes. 
	In some cases, individuals have inherited a  home and want to sell soon so it will not be an expense for them. 
	Your real estate agent will guide you to a home that's right for you and within your price range.
	Now that's a happy thought.