Won't be long before you bring out the Thanksgiving turkey and that pesky dream will start anew.  
    That dream where you serve your fancy dinner in a beautiful dining room. With a fireplace. And a chandelier.
    That dream.

    Is it time to make it real?

    Here are some things to consider.
    It is not a bad time to act on your dream. The Federal Reserve recently decided to keep interest rates at their historically low level. In terms of mortgage rates, there hasn't been a better time to buy in 50 years. According to economics writer Gavyn Davies, an interest rate hike is inevitable later this year. As economists keep saying, interest rates will inevitably rise. 
    So while the economic indicators are good, next you have to consider your lifestyle and whether your house fits it.
    Go bigger when your house isn't meeting your basic needs. If there is a daily struggle to prepare for work in a one-bathroom house, it's time to consider an upgrade. If kids are now in the picture, more space or more appropriate space can genuinely add to your happiness.  
    Go smaller when your house is overwhelming. If the kids are gone, and you have four bedrooms and three baths, the sheer size of the property costs, not just in upkeep, but in unneeded utilities and personal energy. Consider if you need more than one guests room.
    After comfort, consider your dreams. If you can afford a swimming pool, and you want one, remember the pool won't build itself. Dreaming of living in the city or the country requires a change and if not now, when?
    Once you know where you want to be, it's time to make sure you can buy. Check with lenders to get pre-approved for a mortgage. If your credit score is not up to snuff, start now to make timely payments. Even if you can't get approved for a loan right now, you can still look around and find suitable properties, get an idea of the cost of houses in your preferred neighborhoods.
    If your credit is great, ask yourself if it is time to start shopping.  Low, low-interest rates, good prices and dreams are on your side today.