The guest bathroom requires some thought.	
It's a party. The home is lovely and the guests' half bath features 
a wall-and-a -half that's beautifully painted with tropical vines and flowers. 
There's fancy soap, hand lotion and a small but lovely sculpture on the marble counter. 
	As the 15 or 20 guests intermittently migrate in and out of the half bath, you decide it's your turn. The room competes with the rest of the house for beauty, including the embroidered towels. There are two. 
	Each is either damp or wet from previous hand washings, and you can't help but feel uncomfortable about wiping your hands where many others have already wiped theirs.
	It's not an uncommon situation even in upscale homes. 
	The solution is to provide a stack of high-quality paper towels for those who want to use them and a handy disposal basket. For extra class, you can buy monogrammed towels.
	Other matters that bring success to your party include soft lighting in the half bath, which makes guests feel attractive as they enjoy a respite from the festivities. One decorator offers a chair and a book of (very short) poems.