Some homes will sell as-is Fix it up to get the best price You have to think like a buyer to get the best price on your house. Buyers want dreams on a budget; usefulness that looks like extravagance; beauty without trouble. In short, buyers want it all. Sellers can make their property the canvas on which buyers paint their dreams but you have to think like the buyer. First, clean up and paintup. These are easy DIY jobs and it won't cost much compared to getting the sale price you want and selling quickly. Everything must be super clean because no one pays for a cleaning project. Corners, cabinets, ceilings, drawers, windows. Detail your house. Then paint. Choose a neutral color throughout. Do a minimum of two coats so there will be no bleed through. Get rid of the wallpaper. According to, it is not that buyers don't like wallpaper, it's that they don't like your wallpaper. You are making your house into their dream, not yours. Paint wood paneling or replace with dry wall. Now, look for the obvious turn-offs. Clutter is first: Pack up and store every collection or dust catcher. That includes closets. Leave the closets half full and tidy. Leave the shed close to empty. Remove family pictures. Empty and clean kitchen drawers and storage areas. Don't forget the refrigerator. Now, review the big ticket items: Roof, home heating and cooling; wiring; and floors. Problems with any of these items can seriously affect the sale price. In an area with low supply of homes for sale, you still might sell, but the sale price will take a hit with a bad roof. This is where your listing agent can be of great help. He or she can give you an idea of how your home compares to similar properties in the area and whether fixing higher priced items will be worth it. You might not have to replace the kitchen counter, but if your roof leaks, you might have to fix it before the sale. The As-Is sale The alternative to fixing big ticket items is an as-is sale. You will depend on your listing agent to tell you the disclosures the state requires here. But don't expect your full sale price. A $20,000 roof replacement will come off the purchase price and lenders will be very careful making such a mortgage. On the other hand, an as-is listing also means bargain hunters will be jumping on your listing. Of course they want bargains and you are sure to forfeit parts of your asking price in service to the sale.