Seven kitchen-remodel projects that 
can fit into almost any budget
	Home advisors for say remodeling a kitchen may sound like a big, expensive affair. But the truth is that there are ways to breathe new life into any kitchen without spending a lot.
	* A spokeswoman at Lowe's says paint gives the biggest bang for your buck. It instantly changes the feel of a space. If you do it yourself, it costs almost nothing.
	* For $150 to $500, you can give your kitchen a snazzy look with the installation of a fancy new faucet. You don't have to be a plumber to install one, says Jamie Gold, author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work. 
	* Changing an appliance may push the outer limit of your budget. But if you're willing to accept a minor imperfection, it's possible to pick up a new range for $500 or less at a home improvement store or a "scratch and dent" place. 
	* Countertops will stretch your remodeling budget, but nice options are available.  For example, Gold says granite tile can give you the granite look without the price of a granite slab. Save money by installing the tiles yourself.
	* New floors can be an expensive remodeling project, but they will have a dramatic effect on appearance. Don't overlook vinyl flooring, some of which looks like stone and costs about $2 a square foot. If you're handy, you can install it yourself.
	* Adding a backsplash behind your sink and counters is a small change that can have a big impact. Christine Tse, an interior designer in New York City says it can change your kitchen from "drab to fab." You can find nice options at about $200 for 12 square feet, or you can spend several times that for designer materials. 
	* To get appliances and cookbooks off the countertop, add some floating shelves to a wall. Thick floating wood or glass shelves cost about $40 each.