Remodeling? Here's what  returns the most at sale
	Remodeling projects make life more pleasant and more beautiful. But you're not likely to get your investment back when you sell. Lower-cost projects, like enhancing curb appeal, are more likely to pay for themselves
	 Other projects that provide a good return, according to The Wall Street Journal:
	Replacing siding with fiber-cement panels can return 79.3 percent of project cost.
	Replacing a garage door recoups 75.2 percent of costs, on average.
	Master bedrooms, gourmet kitchens and fancy bathrooms generally recoup less than 60 percent of their costs. 
	A National Association of Realtors survey of more than 3,900 appraisers, sales agents and brokers provides these other estimates: 
	Installing insulated vinyl windows earns back 71.2 percent.
	A deck addition brings back 59.7 percent of costs.
	A new roof will return 56.7 percent of costs, while building a garage brings about 54.7 percent of costs at selling time. 
	Expensive master-suite additions  pay off with only a 52.1 percent return.