~ No one gets offended when the real estate agent tells them to remove all personal pictures from end tables and coffee tables before they show their house.
 The idea is that the home staged for sale should be, as much as possible, a blank canvas, ready for the new owner to paint. The home should be kept in such a way that the potential buyer does not get distracted by the decor. The home should look calm, simple, and cared for.
 But when it comes to art, lots of home sellers balk at the idea of storing the paintings and statuary but it can be one of the most important things you do to sell your house.
 A study by Duke University in 2011 showed that buyers remembered the art rather than the house and often tended to evaluate the house based on the art.
 Every art collector knows that taste is an individual thing, so individual that a painting of an ocean could be thought of as elegant by one person, but tacky by another.
 That framed print of Dogs Playing Pool looks hilariously appropriate in the game room. To homeowners. And to people they know. But to a stranger?  Maybe not so much.
 And what about nudes? 
 It's a fact that the subject of many a famous painting is unclothed or partially clothed. If you have an original Modigliani nude in the right property, some agents will still argue that it isn't in the right place in a sales setting.
 Nude paintings usually come as a shock to home buyers no matter how tasteful and expensive the paintings are.
 According to the Wall Street Journal, buyers may be less shocked by female nudes, but they are nearly universally put off by nude or nearly-nude paintings or fancy photographs of the homeowner.  Buyers just don't want to know the seller that well.
 Context might help.  A bathroom  or bedroom nude is better than a living room display.
 In any case, sellers must be ready to abandon their love for the home they are selling and that includes the arrangement and decor.
 Better to store art, which is as personal as your pictures of family and friends, and concentrate on making the closets flawless.
 If you really want your home to sell, make sure the closets are something every one CAN agree on: Multiple rods, drawers and cubby holes.
 Home buyers want to see a place where they can store their Manolo Blahnik  heels -- or their Harley boots -- and, after all, do you really care which?