The easy secret to finding an up-and-coming neighborhood.

	Home buyers may have a list of must-haves and want-to-haves when they choose a home. One factor that should be considered is the home's possible price appreciation in years to come.
	If you can find a home that's in an up-and-coming neighborhood, its value will rise in the future. 
	One way to tell: Starbucks.
	If the property is in an area with a Starbucks, it's a good indication that property values will rise. Starbucks has already sent its analysts and geographic experts to evaluate the next hot neighborhood. They have already considered traffic patterns and types of businesses in the area. 
	Having a nice coffee shop within a quarter mile of a house has proved to be one of the strongest and most reliable indications of rapidly appreciating home prices, say experts writing in Bottom Line Personal.