Outdoor living is moving beyond the concrete slab or generic deck. Many people are expanding their outdoor living spaces, says decorator Sally Falk Nancrede. 

Whether they have added grill islands, pergolas or beam roofs, a whole industry is developing for the growth of outdoor living. People want comfy, plush, upholstered or slipcovered chairs that rock or recline, 
and they want easy-care sofas they can stretch out in. 

Store furniture buyers say the products are a lot more consumer-friendly than in previous years. Cushions have drain-through features. Many tables are made with cast-aluminum frames and have composite stone or Corona tops that don't break.
 They look nicer and are made heavier so they don't blow over in the wind.  

Easy-care Adirondack chairs made in the United States are colorful and formed from recycled plastic.
They are durable, comfortable and are zero-maintenance. They never have to be painted or touched up. 

In past decades, Adirondacks were brown and red brown. This year, some are taupe, gray, blue or green.
This is the year people are happy to improve their outdoor living features.