What can you do?
National Volunteer, Week,  April 6-13
 This week has become the official time for our nation to celebrate the efforts of volunteers, who may serve at the local, state or national levels.
 National Volunteer Week was started in 1974 when President Richard Nixon signed an executive order establishing it as an annual celebration of volunteering. Every president since has signed a proclamation  promoting recognition of volunteers, as have governors, mayors and local  officials.
 As an individual, however, the main question you might ask is: "What can I do now? I don't really want an award, I just want to be part of it."
 Almost every community has a service like Volunteer Match in Kokomo, Indiana.  It matches people to important projects that are in desperate need of willing volunteers.
 Could you help make repairs on the home of an elderly person who doesn't want to go to a nursing home?
 In a children's hospital, you may work on the inpatient pediatric unit. You would check the patients, bring them things to do, play with them at the bedside or in the playroom.
 The classic volunteer role is helping to prepare food or serve it at a charity kitchen. They always need help.
 You may not have a year of your life to donate, but projects abroad match  each volunteer to a placement where their existing knowledge will have the greatest impact. By working alongside local partners as well as fellow volunteers you could use your skills to help improve the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.