Consumers feel more 
positive: they're buying 
and borrowing again
	Americans have made progress putting their finances in order and are ready to borrow again, which would give our economy, the world's largest, another engine of spending and growth.
	Household net worth reached a record high in the first quarter of 2013, Federal Reserve data show. The number of consumer loans is rising, and according to Bloomberg Businessweek, the percentage of bankcard holders who are delinquent is the smallest since 1990. 
	Economic researchers at AllianceBernstein, say we now have creditworthy borrowers. It's a powerful ingredient for U.S. expansion. Credit is available for mortgages, auto loans and home remodeling projects and more. 
	Three measures explain the rebound. In the first quarter, household wealth climbed by $20 trillion above its recession low point of wealth. 
	In the second quarter, average household financial obligations, including property taxes, mortgage payments, and other obligations as a share of income, were 15.2 percent lower since at least 1980. Households have more funds available to cover what they owe.