It's the next big thing and you are going to see it everywhere:
	In the kitchen, on the patio, in the dinner plate pattern, in makeup, packaging, pillows, dishes.  Everything.
	Chosen by the color fashion wizards at Pantone, IT is the new color of 2015 called Marsala, a reddish, brownish, wine-like color that is hailed as both earthy and sophisticated.
	Forecasters of the most popular colors in decor, fashion and graphic design have a cult-like following among designers and retailers. In 2013, consumers bought its Emerald color. In 2014 Pantone's Radiant Orchid became popular.
	Marsala brings to mind farm-to-table cuisine, which is exactly the cultural phenomenon that Pantone and the design world are addressing here, according to The Wall Street Journal. 
	Fashion followers have been surprised at the decline in recent years of black in city wear. Marsala could (WILL!) be the bold neutral to replace black. 
	Kendra Scott is using it for her jewelry, though she calls it Goldstone. Scott says, "As a culture right now, we are going back to things that are simple." 
	To arrive at the color of the year, one of the things Pantone does is poll designers and creative types about what shades are on their minds.