Ask the Westchase Experts:

We are a married couple in our 20s and we would like to buy a house. Our friends think it is way too difficult to buy a house now.  But we would like to try. What does it take?

	You might not know it, but you are a part of the huge, new emerging generation called the  Millennials who are just becoming old enough to make major life decisions like buying a house.

	You're going to find some challenges out there, but you're going to find some good deals, too.

	You are smart for thinking ahead: If you can buy now, your home will be paid off in your 40s. Assuming you stay married and employed, you will be in a good position to accumulate wealth and security during your life.

	This is a great time to buy -- if you qualify. Interest rates are favorable and prices are right. But, you must have a very good credit score, be established in your careers and have low debt.

	This combination of factors, according to some studies, often disqualifies  the Millennial generation.

	Market researchers say there is strong demand for homes among Millennials. Millennials are the largest demographic in the nation's history (90 million strong), even larger than the Baby Boomers.

	One study by PulteGroup and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate surveyed Millennials and found they're not much interested in luxury, but are more likely to want technology and flexible space.

	Right now many Millennials can't buy a house because their student loan debt is too high. Others are new in their careers and have not established credit.

	Finally, there is the issue of the downpayment. Conventional loans often require a hefty 10 percent down.  But first-time buyers can often find a program that requires only 3 percent down.

	If you have no student debt, or you can afford whatever debt  you have, if you have a stable job, and if you have accumulated a down payment, I would surely advise you to buy a home now.