Add love of home to the picture ...

Bargain prices and low FHA down payments are fueling home sales
Few ideas tug at the heart strings like the thought of having a home of your own. For many, the days of longing may be coming to a close. The goal is in sight.
Not only is the home you want now within your price range, but it will take less cash than ever before. Think FHA. 
If demands for huge down payments have kept you from moving forward, a Federal Housing Administration loan will remove that obstacle. It requires only 3.5 percent down.
Interest rates are the lowest they've been in more than fifty years. Some FHA loans charge only 4 percent interest on a 30-year loan and 3.33 percent on a 15-year mortgage. 
A $100,000 30-year loan at 4 percent would have payments of just $477 a month. For $150,000 the mortgage payment would be about $617 per month, and a $200,000 
mortgage payment would be $954.  The cost of mortgage insurance would be added when you make a low down payment.

If you have a dream home in mind, you'll be pleased to know that the FHA can now guarantee mortgage loans as large as $729,750 from private lenders in the most expensive 
regions of the United States. That's up from $625,500. For the limit in any city, visit and click on "conforming loan limits" and "high cost areas." 
Just being able to afford a home is the least-important reason for buying one. The freedom of it, added to the living space you need, the conveniences and beauty are
the primary rewards. The jurist and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."
Could that describe the home you have in mind, one that the hearts of your children will always return to?