Kitchens are so big, they need kitchens
	The newest additions to the big, comfy kitchens are kitchens. 
	Seems people like huge kitchens with fireplaces, comfy chairs and lots of family gathering and eating places, but they don't always like cooking smells. So architects are building Wok Kitchens, which is a cooking kitchen off the comfy room also called a kitchen.
	Didn't that arrangement used to be called the living room and kitchen?
	Whatever you call it, the room with the refrigerator has begun to take over the house. The floor area of the average kitchen increased by about 50 percent from 1973 to 2007.  In 1973 and earlier, kitchens were small and closed so that cooking smells were not a problem.  By 2007, the kitchen was the major living area taking more than 12 percent of the overall space in the home. Kitchens have grown to an average of 303 feet.  Of course, high end homes kitchens can be 800 feet or even 1,400 feet, according to the American Institutes of Architects Home Design Trends Survey. 
	All that casual kitchen space is great for entertaining, but when dinner is finished you either have to stack dirty dishes on the counter or get up and load the dishwasher.
	Enter the Dirty Kitchen where you take the dirty dishes and, optionally, cook. Now, if you just moved the fridge into the dirty kitchen, couldn't you call the comfy kitchen a living room?