Kitchen backsplash adds color, style, protection
	Many people think the counter backsplash is mostly a decoration. In fact, it's needed to protect the walls from splashes of grease and cooking oil. 
	That doesn't mean that dramatic decorative materials and styles aren't pleasing to the eye. If your choice of backsplash is mainly for esthetics, there is a world of colors, materials, tile sizes and tile shapes to choose from.
	One popular choice is glass tiles. They come in many colors, are not porous and reflect the light, making the kitchen brighter. But they are more expensive than ceramics and harder to cut.
	Without doubt, the glass kitchen backsplash is something not everyone has and it looks incredible, according to
Backsplash materials such as copper, brass, and stainless steel have been around for many years but usually in a commercial kitchen setting. Now, you can choose a backsplash made from these materials for your home. 
	You might use the metal tile alone or coupled with glass or ceramic, creating something stunning and functional.  Stainless steel kitchen backsplashes come in various styles. A brushed finish enhances its visual appeal while providing light reflection on food prep or cooking areas.