One day of the week is best for listing your home
	It's Friday! That's the day working people greet with a heart full of thankfulness --  the end of the work week. And, evidently, it is also the day they check out the new home listings.
	A new study reported in the Wall Street Journal concludes that if you list on Friday, you get the highest percentage of your asking price -- over 99 percent.
	If that sounds a little like real estate hocus pocus, consider that online listings get four times the traffic on Friday as on any other day. In markets where supply of homes for sale is low, a new kid on the block gets attention. Your first listing day is the day is when everyone searching will be looking at you. 	Maybe people come home on Friday and think: Time to get out of this place. But a study from the University of Rochester suggests people are happier and more energetic on Fridays. 
	Perhaps because there are more people shopping for homes on Friday, homes listed on that day tend to snag a price benefit. According to Journal report, listing a home on Friday could mean a difference of $5,000 on a $500,000 house. Homes listed on Sundays end up selling for 98.4 percent of the initial asking price.
	Tuesday is another important day. It seems that homes listed on Tuesday attract the most interest for home tour requests. At Harvard Business School, Professor Francesca Gino says Tuesdays are big planning days for many people. Some use Tuesday to set up weekend plans for home viewing. 
	So is it all true?  No, say some agents who think Thursday afternoon is the best day.  Other agents say they never hold on to a listing just to hit a date on the calendar.
	The question is really whether listing on a specific day is actually a deal-maker or breaker.  Most agents say no.