You'll live for a while in this apartment, but it doesn't have to be boring and colorless.

	Even with a difficult landlord, you can make an apartment feel like home. Here's some advice from decorator Melissa Rayworth:

	* Can't put a nail in the wall? Use Tempaper, peelable wallpaper that comes cleanly off walls. Use it for a partial wall, or use decals, which come in many colors and styles.

	* If you won't mind doing a little painting before you move, paint a stencil on one wall or paint a band of color along the top of your walls. 

	* A fabric can be framed or stapled to a large art canvas to be hung on a wall. Using fabric is a great and inexpensive way to add color. Try adding colored panels to your curtains and picking up the color with decorative pillows.

	* One decorator says, "Treat the floor as a fifth wall." Buy a beautiful rug to ground the space. Add lush plants.