Family Photo walls replace cluttered displays

Having grown up with a million family photos on display, decorator Alexa Hampton says she now prefers more restrained displays. Gone are the days you should have dozens of photos on top of a piano.
If you have a surplus of photos, place them in beautiful scrapbooks that give joy to you and your family. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Hampton stated that she believes displayed family photos 
should be no larger than 8 by 10 inches and most should be smaller. She likes to see photos of her children in plain silver frames on her bedside table. For such an intimate setting, she likes casual 
or intimate photos. Too formal a photo can seem uncomfortable in a bedroom, so hallways are better.

She uses hallways as "a canvas upon which to create a composition" for posed family photos, They allow a collection to grow on either side.
Until you have a place for them, family snapshots can dwell where most photos are in this era: on your iPhone or on a cloud server for ultimate security.