These cities have the highest utility costs in the U.S.
	At first guess, you might think the 10 cities with the highest utility costs are all in the northern states where winter weather is cold. But in northern cities, only Boston and New York make it into the top 10.
	According to the WhiteFence Index, these cities had higher utility costs than the national average of $246.26. Utility costs included in the index were electricity, phone, cable or satellite TV, high-speed Internet and natural gas. 
	The most expensive cities were:
	1-Houston at $297.33,
	2-Orlando at $292.13,
	3-New York City at $288.76,
	4-Dallas at $277.26,
	5-San Francisco at $268.18,
	6-LasVegas at $267.18,
	7-Washington, D.C at $258.32,
	8-Phoenix at $256.20,
	9-Boston at $255.86, and
	10-Charlotte, N.C. at $253.87.
	It seems that it costs more to cool a home than to keep it warm.