We're thinking of selling our home. It looks pretty nice, but we wonder If you have any tips other than the usual paint and fix-up advice.

Have you considered the condition and attractiveness of your garage? Though it gets little attention from people who want to sell, it is becoming one of the more important areas of a home.

The garage is now more than a place to pull cars out of the rain. People enter their garage several times a day. How its appearance makes them feel can determine if their day starts on a positive or negative note.

When prospective buyers step into your garage, they should see a well-organized area. It's nice if a lot of your miscellaneous storage could go to the basement. If you don't have one, use closet organizers, shelving and large plastic bins for storage of seldom-used items. A loft-type storage area is not that expensive to build and could house seasonal decorations and storage boxes.

You can brighten the interior with one or more 8-foot fluorescent light fixtures (about $80 each)) that will allow people to see all of its attractive features.

How about the floor? Unless the house is almost new, the floor probably has oil spots and discolorations on it. Coat the floor with epoxy paint to give it a shiny attractiveness. It's available at Lowes for $24 to $57 a gallon. In the future, drips and spills will be easy to wipe up. Rubber mats or tiles are another choice.

The garage door takes up a large percentage of the home's view from the outside. The appearance of the doors is a big factor in a home's curb appeal.

If you are willing to put some money into the exterior view of your home, new garage doors are a good idea, especially if the old ones aren't in good shape.

Carriage doors are hot right now and they can have a variety of attractive windows. The doors open like other garage doors, but look as though they swing out as in carriage houses. Home Depot offers 20 different styles.

Just making a couple of these improvements will make your home more attractive from the inside or the outside.