Exurbs return to fashion
	Towns on the fringes of pricey cities are gaining new allure as spacious, less-expensive properties. Called the exurbs, they show housing is recovering even beyond major cities.
	Exurbs suffered in years past because of job losses and high gasoline prices.
	 Though definitions vary, exurbs generally are bedroom communities, meaning the homeowners work in the nearby cities and are gone during the day. 
	Many of the areas are rebounding earlier than expected for one main reason: comparatively low home prices.

More job hunts end in moves
	An average of 15 percent of managers moved for new positions last year, and the trend is continuing, says outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. And skilled workers are in demand nationwide as employers struggle to fill positions.
	The upswing in mobile job hunters can be traced to improving housing and labor markets. Home prices have risen by nearly 30 percent since 2012, allowing the owners to sell because they have more equity and aren’t underwater.
	More job seekers are expanding their searches geographically as the unemployment rate is reduced and they have more confidence.