Designers share strategies for 
guy-style kitchens
	Some say kitchens are becoming the new man caves. Men say they do want to cook but would like kitchen features that are more appropriate for their sizes and tastes. Kitchens of Montana, Santa Monica, Calif., says men like ...
	* Bold darker colors offset by black or white, a crisp and clean style.
	* Beefed up hardware. They are more comfortable with larger handles on drawers and cabinets and like brass and bronze hardware.
	* Colorful appliances and gadgets. Red ranges are a favorite as are small appliances of the same color.
	* A second sink. They want simple hardware on it and a spray-faucet attachment worthy of a firehouse, says New York architect James Ramsey.
	* Elevated counters, or at least one elevated counter. One recent remodeler raised the central island by 2 inches, making it 38 inches high.  
	* A wireless sound system and TV that can be controlled with a smartphone. New York designer Bob Schwartz likes the Sonos system for its compactness and great sound.
	* Very tough surfaces on counters.  Designer Young Huh says Caesarstone and Silestone are big names in this category. Some men like to tenderize meat or saw a large bone in half without damaging the counter.
	* Heavy duty power for ranges, exhaust systems and dishwashers. With a powerful stove, choose a hood designed for high BTUs, which will also clear the cooking smoke a guy can create.
	* A higher vent hood. Avoid head bumps: hang the hood a little higher. 
	* Space for socializing. The center island should have seats and elbow room so guests can share the space with the cook.