~This next big thing in decor and furniture: brass!
 Though it's often called the poor man's gold, brass is a gold alloy of copper and zinc that's typically relegated to plumbing and door knockers. But now it has gained a strong following from the country's leading designers.
 They are offering chairs with brass arms, barware, chandeliers, lamps, desk accessories and more. Brass is entering the mainstream and is prominently featured in catalogs such as those by Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware.
 While relatively affordable, it speaks to a 21st-century desire for luxury, timelessness and artisanship, says The Wall Street Journal's David Keeps.
 Designer Jonathan Adler currently offers a 60-pound sculptural peacock table and other pieces.
 Designer Calvin Klein says, "Brass equals warmth, English clubbiness, Moroccan craft and Italian and midcentury fantasy."
 It's also called an essential component of organic modernism, a look that is rooted in natural materials such as leather, stone and wood. Boomers are embracing the softer and more mottled qualities of brass. It ages gracefully.