Daffodils aren't the only things that grow in spring. So do home sales. 
	If you start to notice For Sale signs cropping up and moving vans in the neighborhood, you know it must be spring.
	About 40 percent of home sales will be taking place from now to June, when the spring season gets people motivated to find a house, move and settle in  before fall.
	Spring is a good time to shop for a house, since there are typically more homes on the market and a lot more to look at.  Sellers want to catch the spring sales wave, too.
	This year, it remains a good year to buy says emeritus economics professor Karl Case of Wellesley College.
	"It's certainly the best time in five years to buy," Case told Boston.com. "Interest rates are really low. Prices have come down a long way."
	Meanwhile sellers will be happy to know it's a better time to sell. Average selling prices rose 8.3 percent in  December compared to a year earlier, according to a report by CoreLogic, the housing-data firm. This is the largest gain since May 2006.
	Though sellers aren't getting the prices they would have asked before 2006, they are getting substantially more than last year or the year before. 
	Everyone is a bargain shopper these days looking for good deals on bank-owned or foreclosure properties.
	But foreclosure properties were down nationally 7 percent December to January 2013 and that means fewer new bargains are on the table. In California, new legislation brought default notices down 77 percent in January. This drop means that California buyers will find fewer homes to choose from.  That could drive prices up.
	If you are thinking of selling your house and moving to a place in the sun, there are still bargain properties available in states like Florida, Nevada and Arizona, states that continue to have higher foreclosure rates than the national average.
 	In any case, here's the overall outlook for spring:
	Experts say the numbers suggest buyers might be seeing fewer homes on the market and that might mean higher prices. Sellers should be able to find a buyer, but they must be realistic about pricing.