You've seen front doors painted red, yellow or green, but have you considered adding color to a room by painting the door? A couple coats of paint in a cool shade might be just what the space needs.
	Natalie Myers a designer at Veneer Designs in Los Angeles says to get the main features in the room addressed first. Then, if something seems to be missing, painting the door is a great idea. 
	It's easy, inexpensive and a low-commitment project. If you don't like how it turns out, you can simply paint it a different color. At Lowe's Home Improvement stores, they say customers are becoming more confident about using color. 
	Choose a gloss finish and you'll need fewer coats. Additionally, it will hold up when you clean it. Since you just need a small amount, invest in a high quality paint. 
	Before you paint the entire door, test a small area to make sure you like the color.