Chintz makes the fashion news for 
living rooms, even bedroom chairs
	We admit to getting this decorating news from The Wall Street Journal's Sara Ruffin Costello. She received this note from White House decorator Michael Smith: "Chintz lives!"
	Costello then visited with privileged friends in New York and with Julia Reed, author of the go-to book on chintz, "Colefax and Fowler: The Best in English Interior Decoration." Reed says using just a little chintz is her decorating secret. She likes it in small doses, enjoys its "British-y" look, and says it gives a room a feeling of grandeur, but not grandeur that was just done yesterday. 
	Specifically, chintz is a glazed cotton fabric printed with a bold pattern of flowers. It mixes beautifully in understated rooms without other patterned furniture or busy walls. 
	One of the most-missed features of chintz is its way of making a room look lived-in and feel comfortable. 
	Lancaster and Fowler is one of the highest-priced firms selling chintz, but there are many others on the Web.