They have a wonderful life while doing it ...
Young people can build a great future,
one house at a time
	When you are young, just starting out, with a tight budget, there is still one investment you can make that builds your future, and doesn't strain the budget.
	It's a home, of course.  You will have to pay some sort of rent, but when you buy a home, it is a savings account.
	Here is a great example:

	The other day we ran into a friend who retired recently. We hadn't seen him in a long time. We visited for a while, then he invited us to dinner at his place. 
	What a beautiful home he had! At first, we could hardly believe it because he didn't have a high-paying job. It was even harder to believe that he didn't have a huge mortgage.
	He enjoyed telling me how it happened. After high school (and marriage), he and wife were able to buy a small house. Pleased with their purchase, they made the home and the yard look beautiful.
	A few years later, after their baby was born, they wanted more room and were able to sell the home for a nice profit, which they used for a down payment on a larger place. 
	Over time, they decorated and improved the home, real estate prices rose, and they was able to move up to a more expensive home. 
	After another such move, he acquired this beautiful place. His plan was to pay it off in a few years and then sell it. It was part of his retirement plan. 
	He reminded me of my son's father-in-law, a quiet but ambitious man who had originally rented an apartment in a six-unit building. He offered to be the building's maintenance man in his spare time. After a few years, he managed to buy the building.
	In all, there were four apartment buildings in the complex. Over time, using income from rents, he bought them all. Then he left his job as a graphic artist. 
	Though he hired someone to do most of the maintenance, he loved to cut grass with his tractors, which he was able to do for rest of his life, that is, when he wasn't traveling.
	Home are an investment that you enjoy every day. Look ahead!