Ask the Experts.

 Now that we've listed our home with you, what can we do to help you sell it fast?

	There are a number of things. Some seem obvious, but there's a "best way" to do each one. 
	First, get several storage boxes that are all the same size and color. You're going to fill them and stack them in the garage, so you want the stacks to look nice.
	Then go about your home and de-personalize it. Pack away all the family photos so prospects can visualize the place as theirs, not yours. Remove the religious items for the same reason. 
	Though some sellers hire a professional stager, there's a lot you can do yourself. Think about how builders' model homes look. There are no unnecessary objects anywhere. 
	Try to look at your shelves, closets and countertops with new eyes and you'll see clutter.  Don't get sentimental about anything, especially gifts from others. The givers don't care.  Give much of it to charity and put the rest in boxes.
	Closets, cabinets and drawers have to be neat and organized. People will look inside to see how their stuff will fit. 
	The next step is to rearrange rooms so they have a spacious feel. Get rid of extra chairs, end tables and magazine racks in the living room. Take extra chests and chairs out of the bedrooms. Get rid of the extra clothes or pack it up.
	Check to see what rooms should be painted. A neutral beige is best. 
	The exterior view of your home is what prompts buyers to make an appointment to see it, or to drive on to the next place. Have the yard cut and trimmed, clear the driveway and walkways and make sure the house number is clearly visible. 
	Now that you're almost ready. A very thorough cleaning comes last. A professional cleaning is worth the cost.
	Many prospective buyers begin their home search on the Internet. We'll create a online listing that will stand out, get seen and look amazing with an elegant virtual tour!