~Ask the expert:

We have a nice older home but wonder what updates we should make, any suggestions?
 There are many to choose from. You first goal should be to make your home more comfortable and more convenient  to live in. If you can do that, it  will be more desirable to prospective buyers when you decide to sell.
 Kitchen updates are a good place to start. They can be expensive but you could do some of the work yourself, like refinishing the kitchen cabinets with paint or stain. Of course, replacing the countertops and adding a great new faucet will bring you joy every day.
 The project that causes the least mess and inconvenience is replacing the appliances with stainless steel models. They can be brought in and installed in a day with no mess involved. 
 The National Association of Home Builders reports that 86 percent of home buyers want an eat-in kitchen. If yours isn't spacious, think about knocking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room. It's a messy job and you'll have to refinish parts of the ceiling and walls, but it gives you much more space.
 The association also says that 93 percent of home buyers want a laundry room, and they want it on the main floor, not upstairs. If yours is upstairs, consider bringing it down. If it's downstairs, bring it up. The cheapest way, stack to front loaders in a thee by three foot space net to a bathroom. Note that some people do like to have the laundry upstairs in a bedroom or close by.  It doesn't have to take up a whole room but It should have an area big enough for the washer/dryer.
 And 90 percent of buyers want a linen closet of some size  in the bathroom.
 How about the windows in the living room? You can guess the approximate age of a home as you drive by and see the type of big window it has.
 The current favorite is a side-by-side series of tall casement or fixed windows, which can also be gently bowed. Just call the window man. No work for you.