I've heard that getting a mortgage will be easier, 
but how will that happen?
	Mortgage companies are developing new forms that will make it easier to compare interest rates and loan features offered by different lenders. 
	* Right now, mortgage finance company Fannie Mae has come up with a new idea of its own. If the change they recently announced will be adopted, and adopted by other lenders, you'll be able to skip the arduous task of finding and submitting all of your pay stubs for the required period of time.
	* Fanny Mae says it will allow lenders to use employment and income information from a database maintained by credit bureau Equifax to verify borrowers' ability to handle a loan, rather than rely on the traditional documentation process of collecting physical copies of pay stubs and tax data. The move will make the mortgage process easier for borrowers and lenders alike. 
	* Additionally, Fannie announced changes it said could broaden mortgage access for some borrowers. The mortgage giant will ease the lender process for granting loans to borrowers who don't have a credit score, a key issue for advocates in certain minority groups that are less likely to have traditional credit histories.
How it works
	Fannie Mae and competitor Freddie Mac don't make loans  themselves. They buy them from lenders, wrap them into securities and provide guarantees to lenders in case the loans default. 
	* Since the financial crisis, mortgage lenders have relied on government-backed programs for most loans, making Fannie's and Freddie's requirements more important in deciding what borrowers are able to get a mortgage.
	* In August, Fannie rolled out a program that let lenders count income from non-borrowers within a household, such as extended family members, toward qualifying for a loan.