I'm wondering if there is any reason for putting our home on the market in December?

	There are several pros to December marketing. 

	* There are fewer homes on the market over the holidays. That means less competition and more serious prospects.
	* You're appealing to a smaller group of buyers in December, but some people really need to move in January.  Showing your home in December may prove to be a bonus.
	* Some sellers want to put their homes on the market regardless of any disadvantages. It can depend on local custom, and how real estate activity is viewed in your area. Every town is different. 

If you decide to list
	Consider your decorations. Outside, if decorations are simple and beautiful, they could make your place more attractive.
	Inside, decide whether you should put out your creche or prominently display your menorah?  Keep the decorations to a minimum. Don't cover up important selling features such as a fireplace mantels, stairs and beautiful windows.
	If you do decorate, use more reds than greens. It's a more appealing color.
	People carry their biases and prejudices with them. By not decorating, you are protecting your privacy. You are also making your home feel more spacious without blocking pathways. Buyers want to imagine their own furniture in each room. They can't do that if your holiday decorations dominate the stage.
	However, you might consider investing in a simple door wreath.