When it comes to updating the kitchen, your goal is probably to make cost-effective changes that suit your needs.
 Buying new appliances is often the first step, but there are important decisions to be made. Will you have a built-in cook top, oven and, microwave? If so, you'll have to plan cabinets around them.
 New countertops will set the tone for other decisions, such as new backsplash tiles, types of lighting and modern touches. You'll also have to choose a new sink and decide what style you want. Then comes one of the many choices available in kitchen faucets.
 If cabinets will be involved, you would have to make these decisions first. The same is true for the next step, which is typically countertops.
 They would accommodate the cook top but also involve decision on the backsplash and coordinating the colors with other aspects of the kitchen.