A garden path can beautify your yard
 and solve problem traffic problems 
	In high traffic areas on your property, grass will be worn away, soil will become compacted, and you'll have puddles when it rains. These are ideal spots for a garden path project.
	Whether you want to fix a high-traffic area or build a walkway through a garden, here are some options.
	* Flagstone garden paths are attractive and not difficult to make. They'll work anywhere in your yard. There's no thick base to install or difficult cutting and fitting. You just lay the stone over a simple sand bed. 
	Most path builders leave several inches of grass between the stones for easy maintenance. Just run the lawn mower over the stones and grass (the stones can also be set in concrete so grass won't grow between them).
	* At misterboardwalk.com, you can see rolls of wooden walkways that can be quickly installed for a garden path or used to top off a concrete patio. They can be used over grass or sand, come in widths of 18 to 72 inches and can be bent at 45 degree angles. 
	Eighteen-inch-wide (2 feet long) walkways start at about $7.60 per foot. Prices rise according to the type of wood you want and the length you want.
	* Hand-crafted garden stones can give your walkway a distinctive look.
	Measure the area where the stones are needed. This will allow you to figure out how many stones you want. This is the time to consider what shape of mold you will use.
	For round stepping stones, you can use flower pot trays. Most of these are light, round and approximately 1 to 2 inches deep, perfect for a standard-size stepping stone. Some have patterns that result in interesting designs.
	Pour a concrete mixture into the molds being careful not to overfill. This must be cleaned up right away or it will harden. After a mold is filled, shake it slightly to remove any air bubbles.
	* Using pavers bought at home improvement stores is a simple no-fuss way to create a garden path. Using a sand bed, just boost them out of your van and put them in place. 
	Dark red pavers with patterns make a nice walkway.